Stolpestad Camping currently has 220 large pitches in total and approx. 200 of these are for caravans with seasonal space. We also have cabin rentals.

We have approx. 20 pitches reserved for overnight guests with motorhomes, caravans or tents.

The area is located at Naverfjorden, 7 km from Stavern in Vestfold, Norway, on the coastal path. The place is known for many campers and cabin tourists as «Brunlanes Riviera».

We take fire safety seriously – and the recently regulated place are ea about 110 square meters, with 6 meters wide fire breaks between each row of carriages, and many fire hoses and waterat nearby. It is invested in new power poles, water and sewage system. Drain for spill water, are located at the fire hoses.
Stolpestad Camping is situated on a oak hillside, which are great for walks! The square is surrounded by hedges of roses and shrubs.

There are few trees in the area, the camping are dominated by the sandy beach by the sea. Pitches for caravans are all sunny, from gate 10 and down the sea. The places are all close to the sea.

Prices 2024

Campingvogn, bobil, telt på 1.rad 560,-
Campingvogn m/strøm 460,-
Campingvogn u/strøm 380,-
Bobil m/strøm 460,-
Bobil u/strøm 380,-
Telt m/strøm 460,-
Telt u/strøm 380,-
Strøm 80,-

All prices in NOK, incl. VAT.


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